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Your venue is probably the biggest wedding planning decision you will both make. It’s not only where you will spend most of your wedding, but sets the tone for your whole day. This may all seem very new, as it is most likely the first decision you will be making, but don’t worry. I’ve put together my list of top 10 questions to ask your venue for this very reason. With these 10 questions in mind, then you can’t go wrong when viewing your favorite venues.

1. What availability do you have for our big day?

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If you have a date in mind then make sure to start with this. However, be aware that some venues book up two years in advance. So, if you love the venue you may have to be flexible.

One of the grand public rooms licensed for civil ceremonies at Grantley Hall

2. What rooms/areas of the property are available for us to have a blessing or a civil ceremony?

3. Is there an additional charge to have a civil ceremony onsite?

Things To Consider

Do bare in mind that some venues will apply a ceremony charge. If you are getting married off site, then you may find this isn’t included. It is always worth asking so you know the full cost breakdown when comaring venues.

4. Do you offer catering in-house or can we use an outside caterer?

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Venue such as hotels and stately homes traditionally have an in-house caterer who they require you to use. However, some venues such as barns, marquess and village hall’s don’t have a set caterer and allow you to outsource whoever you like. This can be a deal breaker for some couples. So, establishing how important this is to you early on is important.

5. What time will we have the property to and from?

Things To Consider

This is key to know early on for many reasons. You may wish to set up the day prior, if you have a DIY venue or may want to have a relaxed evening with close friends and family. All things you can’t do if you don’t have day prior access.

This will also be something your suppliers are sure to ask, so finding out early will help with the rest of your planning.

6. Do you offer on-site accommodation?

7. Do you offer exclusive use and is this included in your wedding packages or at an additional cost?

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Some venues offer exclusive use to all of their couples, no matter what day of the week or time of the year. However, be mindful that some venues such as hotels may only offer this at an additional fee, if they are able to offer it at all. Another thing to consider early on in your planning process.

8. Are we required to use your list of suppliers or are you happy for us to use any suppliers we wish?

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Now this really does depend on the venue. Some venues offer a list of recommend suppliers, as a guide of who they have worked with before and who they feel will provide a good service. However, these venues may also be happy for you to use suppliers of your own choosing, as long as they provide the correct documentation.

On the other hand, some suppliers only allow you to use their recommendations. Check if this is applicable for all of your on the day suppliers or just specific ones, such as your caterer. Knowing the venues expectations early on is key.

With views over Bolton Abbey Prior, what’s not to love about The Tithe Barn

9. Are there any restrictions in place that we need to be mindful of when planning our wedding?

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This can be a real sticking point for couples in the later stages of their wedding planning. Some venues/buildings have a listed status or restrictions on what you can do. For instance, you may wish to have a hanging floral display above your top table, however your venue may be unable to accommodate this due to their building restrictions.

You may wish to have a band for your evening reception, however the venues noise restriction only allows for them to have a DJ until 10:30pm.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to find out if your venue has any limitations or restrictions before you sign a contract. Avoid any later disappointment, you never know where your planning may take you.

10. What would be the next steps if we decided to book?

Picking a venue for your big day has to be one of the most important decisions you will make. For more tips and advice on how I can help get your planning underway, please get in touch!

All Images by Hannah Rachael Weddings

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