Top 10 Questions To Ask Your … Caterer & Why

I have created a list of must ask questions to consider when sourcing your wedding caterer.
The food served at your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest investments after your venue, so why take any risks!
Follow our step by step guide on what to ask your prospective caterer and why these questions are so important for you to be able to  make an informed decision.

  1. What is your catering style?

Top Tip

Depending on the caterers style they will be able to offer different menu choices. It is important to establish their style early on as you don’t want this to clash with your vision.

2. What menus do you have to offer?

3. Where do you source your produce from?

Insider Knowledge

If your caterer sources local/organic produce will this effect what you will be offered on your wedding day?

4. Have you worked at my chosen venue before?

5. Do you charge a set up fee? If so what does this cover? (applicable for outside caterers)

6. Do you offer a menu tasting?

Top Tip

Ask how many people can attend your tasting, how much it costs and what you will get to try.

7. How do you caterer for guests with dietaries/allergies?

Insider Knowledge

In my experience all caterers will provide a vegetarian/vegan option for guests as standard. They will also tweak your menu to cater for any guests who may be gluten free etc. Ask them to confirm how they will cater for this on your day and if this needs to be incorporated into your menu choices.

8. What age do you class a child as?

9. How many staff member will be present at our wedding and how will service run?

10. If we decide to confirm our catering with you, what are the next steps?

Things To Consider

It is really important to ask about the next steps as you don’t want any nasty surprises once you have signed your contract.

– You need to ask what installments are due and when.

– When your final numbers need to be confirmed by.

– Is there leeway on your contracted numbers (are you allowed to decrease or increase these after your contract has been signed?)

Questions Your Caterer Should Be Asking You

It is important to go into your initial consultation knowing what to expect so you don’t feel caught out or under prepared. That’s why we’ve created a list of all the questions your prospective wedding caterer should be asking you! A lot of the questions you will be asked during this consultation, will be important in accessing the style, feel and expectation you have for your big day. So we would definitely recommend you consider not necessarily all, but some of the below questions before your 1st appointment.

1. What venue are you getting married at?

2. What time of year are you planing on getting married?

*Seasonality will change what produce is available for your caterer, especially if your cater produces themselves on using local and organic produce.*

4. What style of catering are you wanting to achieve?

*They will want to know if you are looking for a relaxed catering style or formal plated / what you like and dislike / the styles of food you would like to offer.*

5. Roughly how many day and evening guests will you be inviting?

*Again this is important for your caterer to know as they may be able to suggest different menus for different guest numbers.*

5.  How many of these will be children?

*All caterers will have a different cut off for the age a child is classed as an adult.*

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