Top 10 Questions To Ask Your … Florist & Why

I have created a list of questions to ask when speaking to your floral designer for the 1st time.
Whether you are crazy about all things florals or just want something to add interest to your tables, it is important to find the right florist for you.
We have considered every little detail in order to help you find the right designer for you!

1. What types of flowers and foliage’s are seasonal to our wedding date?

Things To Consider

It is important to ask this question early on as there is no point setting your heart on having ranunculus if you are getting married in December. The types of florals available may also change your colour scheme and how you chose to incorporate florals into your big day.

2. Do you have a portfolio of work you can show us?

3. Do you have a variety of vases / urns / voitives for us to choose from and would this be at an additional charge?

Insider Knowledge

A lot of florist will have a wide variety of vases / urns / votives for your to choose from, however some of these may come with additional charges attached. It is important to incorporate these in your initial quotation so you know exactly what is included.

4. Have you worked at our chosen venue before?

5. Are you able to help advise on what florals will work with our chosen colour scheme and style we are hoping to achieve?

6. Where do you source your flowers from?

7. Do you have a minimum spend?

Things To Consider

A lot of florists require a minimum spend. Ask this question early so you can consider if your budget allows for this.

8. When will you arrive at the venue to set up?

9. What is included in your quotation?

10. Can we change our design / colour scheme once we have signed a contract?

Images by Wynn Davies Photography / Florals by Leafy Couture

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