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My 5 Wedding Breakfast Styling Tips

So not to disappoint here is my latest blog post (as voted by you) – My 5 wedding breakfast styling tips to help you to narrow down all your styling ideas. This blog will walk you through the 5 details I consider when designing a wedding breakfast.

1. Colour Palette

I always start with my colour palette. Your colour palette sets the tone for the whole aesthetic and decorative details. I use my venue to draw inspiration for this.

I consider the style of room where the wedding breakfast will take place, how the room is decorated and any prominent features it may have. I also like to think about what season the wedding will be taking place in.

Then I go on to create a colour palette consisting of 5 key colours which I will draw from for my florals, linen, table settings and décor details throughout. Adding more colours than this can overwhelm and almost over power the overall aesthetic you are hoping to achieve.

Remember less is more when it comes to your colour palette. Keep it refined, considered and cohesive for optimum impact.

2. The Venue

The overall aesthetic of your tablescape should align with the style of your venue. You want to chose decorative details to compliment your venue not contrast it!

Start by considering which 3 words you would use to describe your venue? Now think about your wedding vision and the way you want your wedding to be described.

Once you have these words consider the different ways in which you could compliment and encapsulate this vision.

This is something I go into much more detail with my couples during their wedding consultations and venue site visits. Do remember, styling your wedding day is a progression of ideas and does takes time and a lot of consideration. Don’t worry if this is something you feel you keep coming back to and evaluating.

3. Table Style

What style of table will you be having? This is such a crucial factor to consider and one which plays a big part in the whole design of your tablescape.

I consider different layouts and details depending on whether I am styling a long trestle or a round table.

With long trestles you tend to have less ‘spare space’ you mainly have the space which runs down the centre of the table. Whereas on a round table you tend to have a larger amount of central space to work with.

Next I consider what the tables look like and the setting of the wedding breakfast.

Traditionally most round tables will need clothing as they tend to be pretty ugly (in my experience). However a lot of long trestle tables are designed with beautiful wooden tops and work really well unclothed. These tend to work best in a more rustic or outdoors setting such as a barn or marquee. Therefore you may feel like adding a simple table runner down the centre of each trestle to add a hint of colour and texture.

If you have opted for a stately home or hotel, for your wedding breakfast then I would definitely recommend the addition of table linen. This adds a level of sophistication and crispness to the overall look and styling of your wedding breakfast. A beautiful base layer for you to style as you wish.

4. Menu Choices

This is a big one and one a lot of couples don’t consider! Your menu choices make a significant impact on your styling choices and the way your tables are laid out.

Think about the menu choices you have made; have you opted for sharing or plated?

If you have opted to include sharing elements then you need to consider, where these will be placed on your tables and how easy it will be for guests to reach and share these dishes amongst one another. I personally find sharing menus work best with long trestle tables. Most trestles divide between 6 guests (perfect sharing numbers) and have the ideal amount of space down the centre for sharing platters.

If opting for sharing you may find you have less space for decorative details. Therefore make your food the star of the show! Create varying heights using risers and trail soft foliage along the centre of the tables to add detail and colour. Why not consider dotting bud vases, taper candles and tealights along the table to add interest and detail.

If however you decide to opt for a plated menu then really the only thing you need to make space for is salt and pepper and accompaniments. Therefore you have more space to dress and style the space on your table as you like.

5. Height Variation

Considering height is crucial to a successful table design. If your guests can’t see one another it makes it really difficult for them to engage in conversation. Your wedding breakfast is a key element to your day and takes up a big proportion of time, therefore you want guests to enjoy themselves.

You can create height variation in so many different ways including;

  1. You could mix and match the centrepieces you have on each table (this works really well if you are having round tables). Opt for a hurricane vase with pillar candle on one and then a high floral vase arrangement on the next.
  2. You could opt for one tall floral arrangement as a main centrepiece then decorate the outside of this with small votives, tealights, bud vases etc.
  3. Or why not vary the heights of the floral/candle arrangements you have running down the centre of your table. You could achieve this by alternating between taper candles, tealights and varying floral arrangements.

I do hope you’ve found my 5 wedding breakfast styling tips a useful starting point.

This is definitely an area I spend a lot of time discussing and reviewing with my couples all to make sure the venue and vision for their day aligns. If you would like to find out more or want help with elements to consider when designing your wedding breakfast then do get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you!

Image Credits – Emma Ryan Photography / Anna Beth Photography / Freya Raby Photography

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Planning Advice, Styling & Décor

Identifying Your Wedding Style

The style of your wedding is very personal to you, who you are as a couple and your likes and dislikes. So, let me help you to identify your wedding style with my top 3 tips!

1. Identify Your Loves

Write a list of the things you love – your hobbies, colours you love, favorite restaurants, favorite tipple, days out, holiday destinations etc.

Now discuss what you enjoy about each of these. Is it the social aspect, time with friends and family, the style of food, the smells, the ambience, the way it makes you feel? Whatever it may be make a note of it.

Now start to consider which of these details you might like to incorporate into your wedding, how they represent your personalities and the things you love. Your wedding is personal to you and these fundamentals will be crucial in building the foundations of your wedding style.

2. Identify Your Dislikes

You’ve probably been to a couple of weddings by now, have scrolled through various wedding blogs and Pinterest and probably have a pretty good idea of what you don’t like.

So, what I want you to do now is discuss what elements you didn’t like about the weddings you’ve attended? What you would do different and why? What would of improved your experience? This is a real eye opener and will really start to give you a foundation to work from (believe me, you’ll have some strong opinions on this one!)

Now go through your ever growing Pinterest board and think about what draws your eye? What colour are you loving? What themes crop up time and time again? What’s the overall mood of the images you seem to be pinning? Is everything bright and light or is it more cosy and autumnal etc.?

It is so important to consider what you don’t like just as much as what you do like. Making sure you are both on the same page throughout your wedding planning will help making joint decisions a lot easier. Yes, you probably won’t agree on everything, but if you build a good foundation now and discuss the elements you both love and dislike, then it will make your wedding planning a lot smoother.

3. Your Venue & Season

Start by thinking about what season you want to get married in. Why have you chosen this season? Is it beacuse you love the colours, the flowers, the darker nights or that it’s lighter for longer? What is it that draws you to this season?

Now consider your venue. The venue you choose has a surprising impact on your style and décor, as well as the ambience and feel of your day. Your venue sets the tone for your whole day so, whatever you do don’t underestimate how important this is to get right!

Identifying your wedding style can feel like a big task, but believe me once you have a clear vision of the direction you want to take with this, everything will slot into place. You’ll find it easier to identify which suppliers you would like to work with and how you want your day to feel and the experience you want your guests to have.

To find out more about how I can help you with identifying your wedding style then feel free to contact me by clicking the get in touch button below.

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