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The Benefits Of Creating A Wedding Website

Now I love a wedding website, so I’m delighted you lovelies asked me to write a blog post all about them!

I know the idea of creating a website for your wedding sounds quite overwhelming, but believe me it really is the opposite. Setting up a website for your wedding not only saves you so much time in the long run, but is an invaluable tool for keeping your guests up-to-date and in check.

A wedding website allows you to take control of your wedding. By creating one place where guests can find all the information they need, not to mention how much time it saves you chasing rsvp’s. It’s also a great way to keep all your need to know information in one place.

Now who doesn’t like the sound of that?

So why do I love a wedding website?

1. They help to keep your guests updated

Guest’s can’t help themselves, they like to ask questions. They want to know all about your wedding and they want to know it now. I know this is something a lot of you struggle with, as it’s a topic we’ve discussed before! It can be hard when guests bombard you with questions, especially if that’s a part of your planning you haven’t gotten to just yet.

Setting up a wedding website allows you to update guests quickly and easily. You can send guests details of your wedding website when you send out your invites. Allowing guests to access all of the information they need anytime they like. If you have any updates to make such as date or timing changes then this can easily be amended too.

Most websites will allow you to customise their design and content to complement your wedding. You can usually include details such as; timelines, location, rsvp’s and so much more. Making it really easy for guests to navigate and find out all the information they need ahead of your day.

2. Easy way to record RSVP’s

One of the most frustrating parts of wedding planning can be chasing guests for their RSVP’s. With a wedding website, guests are able to RSVP, record menu choices and dietary requirements easily and normally works one of two ways;

  1. You can send an email to each of your guests from you wedding website asking them to rsvp. This then allows them to rsvp via a link from the email. Their information then gets stored on your website for you to see at anytime.
  2. You can send your guests login details to your website in your invites. They then use these details to login to your website and record their attendance, menu choices etc.

This saves you hours following up and chasing guests for their rsvp’s, which believe me really is a horrible and time consuming task.

3. See more wonderful photos from your day

Most wedding website allow you to create a gallery of images. This means that after your wedding guests can upload images onto your gallery.

This is a brilliant way for you to get hold of some lovely photos of your wedding day. Chances are you won’t have had time to take many yourself, so this gives you a way to have a few sneak peeks while waiting for your professional gallery to land.

My Favourite Wedding Websites


Why I recommend Hitched;

  • It’s really easy to use and to add all of your wedding details to.
  • Acts as a 2-in-1 wedding tool. It helps store private wedding planning information such as your budget, supplier details and checklist, as well as allowing you to create a website for guests to access.
  • Has a wide variety of design themes for you to choose from and customise.
  • It is free to use.
  • You can also download their app, so you can gain access to your details anytime, anywhere.
The Knot

Why I recommend The Knot;

  • It walks you step by step through the information you need to include.
  • Loads of easy to customise themes and templates.
  • It makes it easy to send updates via email to your guests.
  • You can edit which pages are visible to guests so you can easily amend and update as you go.
  • No overwhelm, really easy and quick to get started.
  • It is free to use.

Bonus Tips

Here are my bonus tips on what to include on your wedding website.

  1. Map – the location of your ceremony and reception venue. It’s even helpful if you can add an image of your ceremony and reception venue too.
  2. Details of parking – at both your ceremony and reception venue.
  3. Timings of your day – a lot of websites have a setting which allows you to create a timeline of your day. Key timings to include are; arrival, ceremony, wedding breakfast, evening guest arrival, evening food and carriages. This also gets them excited about what to expect.
  4. Guest List & RSVP’s – most websites allow you to create a guest list where you can store your guest’s rsvp’s, menu choices & dietary information. This is so vital as it allows guests to respond easily and quickly and keeps all your information in one handy place.
  5. Accommodation details – whether this is somewhere guests can stay onsite or local recommendations. If you are able to offer accommodation onsite, it is always helpful to make guests aware of check-in, check-out and breakfast details.
  6. A gallery of images – create a gallery of your favourite images, it makes your website personal to you and guests love having a flick through.

If you’re unsure as to whether a wedding website is for you or not, I’d urge you just to spend half an hour having a go at setting one up. Both Hitched and The Knot are really easy to use and within a matter of minutes allow you to start building and customising your website. I honestly can’t stress how beneficial having a wedding website is. They are really easy to manage, keep all your guest informed and make retrieving RSVP’s bearable.

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Image Credits – Anete Lusina / Hitched

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