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A Blooming Lovely Q&A With The Very Talented Floral Quarter

Image by Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography

Now if you know me you will know just how much I LOVE flowers and that at any given opportunity I will make sure flowers are involved!

So, if you’re anything like me you will be beyond excited for my latest Q&A with the amazingly talented Vicky from Floral Quarter. Join us as we talk all things florals, from creating a wow to identifying your wedding style.

Can you tell us more about Floral Quarter & how you started in the world of weddings?

Floral Quarter start out of a real need to be creative! I worked in the I.T. department of a bank for years and as you can imagine, that wasn’t creative at all!  So I thought about what I wanted to do and set about retraining as a Florist, which is something that I had wanted to be when I was a young girl too!

Since then, Floral Quarter has gone from strength to strength and almost 10 years later, I’m still loving it! Creativity has always remained at the heart of everything I do.

How would you describe Floral Quarter’s style?

As long as it’s got lots of texture and a really luxe feel to it, I’m happy! Even relaxed greenery can have a luxe look to it. My worked features lots of different flower and foliage types. All with different sizes, shapes and textures. I’m big on scented flowers too! For me, that really makes it.

What are your favourite flowers & colour palettes to work with?

I’m a one extreme or the other kind of girl! You can’t beat classic, sophisticated whites for any time of the year, but I also really love creating dramatic, autumnal reds with interesting materials such as berries and poppy seed heads.

At what point do you recommend couples get in touch with a florist to discuss their big day?

Book all of your suppliers as soon as you possibly can! Even if you don’t speak with them for another 2 years then at least you have the suppliers you want booked in.  All I need to start the process with my couples, is an idea of colours and a venue. Everything else can be refined further down the line.

What do you reccomend couples consider before their initial consultation?

Just do lots of internet searching and send me some inspiration pics in advance. You’d be amazed at how I can spot a common theme amongst your images when even you think they’re completely different! I often hear from my couples ‘wow Vicky you just GOT what was in my head even when I didn’t know myself!’

What can couples expect when working with you?

Image by Lee Scullion Photography

It all starts with that initial enquiry form! From there we have a meeting (at the moment these are online via a video call because of Covid19) where we discuss all the couple’s ideas and I make suggestions and guide them as much as they need me to.

By the end of the consultation the couples leave with a much clearer idea of how their big day will look and feel comforted and confident that I ‘know my stuff’. 

I pride myself on being available throughout the process too. So if a Bride or Groom has any queries, they know they can always contact me. Being contactable and guiding a couple through the process is so important as I feel that the build up to the wedding, should be almost as enjoyable as the big day itself; it’s all part of my service!

We have a final meeting 1 month before the big day where we finalise everything and make sure the couple are happy, figure out the delivery and set up schedule for on the day and so on. This is to make sure everything runs smoothly when the big day itself arrives!

Have you got any tips for couples who might be struggling to identify their wedding style, but know flowers play a big part?

Couples like this need a bit of guidance, a wedding planner helps with that!

If they don’t have a planner, then just come to me with loads of inspiration images initially and I’ll help you pull everything together using my experience in floristry and my experience of working with your venue!

How do you create a big impact with flowers?

Image by Emily Hannah Photography

I’m big on large statement pieces rather than trying to spread a budget too thinly across the whole venue.

These are going to be the things that you and your guests remember and will look great in your photographs. So whether it be a large luxe fireplace display at Le Petit Chateau, a hanging display in a marquee at Middleton Lodge or a floral arch at Rudding Park, invest in a statement focal point!

What do you wish couples knew before consulting a florist?

That they don’t have to have decided everything before they get to me. Sometimes couples feel the pressure of having to know all about flowers or to decide on exactly what arrangements they want. What they don’t realise is that the services of myself and/or a planner will help them decide that as we have the experience of working at their venue.

As smaller, more intimate weddings become more popular, can you suggest ways couples could use flowers to create a WOW?

Image by Emily Hannah Photography

Smaller weddings can actually be great news for couples! It means they can have more flowers and décor than they originally thought! They may even be able to all gather round 1 large table and fill it with luxe flowers and foliage, or have that large floral arch they wanted during their ceremony!

You will find everything you need to know about the Floral Quarter by clicking the links below.

Now if that doesn’t get you excited about flowers then I don’t know what will!

There really is no limit when it comes to incorporating flowers into your wedding. I personally believe this is your opportunity to be as creative as possible and working with the right florist really does make a big difference.

Remember, flowers can be a big investment, so make sure to do your research! Take the time to meet with your florist and discuss your vision. It is important they understand what you are looking to achieve in order to advise you on how best to do so.

When it comes to flowers there really is no limit on whats achievable.

I love bringing couples ideas to life, no matter what stage they are in their planning. Whether that be helping you to find the perfect suppliers for your vision or helping you determine your colour palette. There really is no part of your big day I can’t support you with! I’d love to hear all your ideas so do get in touch.

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