Top 10 Questions To Ask Your … Band/DJ/Musician & Why

Now for some couples music is a key factor in their wedding day, whereas for others it is there to provide a bit of background noise. However, there is no denying that music is an important part of every big day and how you choose to incorporate it is completely up to you.

I have put together my top tips of what to ask when sourcing your musical entertainment, whether that be in the form of a musician, band, DJ or all three.

Insider Knowledge

Establish early on how much of your budget you want to dedicate to music and entertainment. There is no right or wrong percentage for this. Typically couples tend to allocate 7% of their budget to entertainment.

1. What type of music do you play?

Top Tip

You may love a musician, however they just don’t play the style of music you like. Then be honest with yourselves, they just aren’t the right fit for you and your big day. Find someone who plays the type of music you are looking for, this will be much more effective on the day as they will be comfortable and experienced in the music style they are playing.

2. We love a song which isn’t part of your usual repertoire, are you able to play this for us?

3. Are we able to provide you with a playlist?

4. Are you performing anywhere locally before our big day so we can listen to you live?

Insider Knowledge

I would always advise, where possible, that you try to listen to your chosen musician live before you go ahead and book them. This way you get an understanding of them as a performer and their musical repertoire. Check with your chosen venue to see if they have any open days/wedding fayres coming up, as they will likely have musicians attending.

5. How long will you play for on the day? Do you break this up into sets?

Things To Consider

Now this will completely depend on what part of your day you are discussing. During your drinks reception and evening reception most musicians will play two sets with a small break in between. However, it’s important you establish this early on, so you know if you may need to arrange for additional music to play during the interlude.

6. Have you worked at our venue before?

7. What time will you arrive to set up and what access do you require?

8. Do you provide your own equipment and is there anything you require from our venue?

9. Are you able to provide our venue with your public liability insurance documentation?

10. How many musicians will there be on the day?

Insider Knowledge

It is really important to ask this. Some bands and musical ensembles allow you to hire different elements/quantities of the band/musicians. For instance, you might have one singer as standard, but have the option to add another for an additional cost.

Working out how best to allocate your entertainment budget may seem tricky. However, I would also advise you to consider what is important to you as a couple. What types of music do you love and where might they tie into your day best?

I would however, always advise that you include at least one aspect of live music. Whether this be a string quartet playing you down the aisle, or a mariachi band getting everyone onto the dance floor in the evening. Live music brings your guests to life and not only keeps them entertained, but gives them something to talk about. Do keep this in mind when allocating your budget.

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