Top 10 Questions To Ask Your … Photographer & Why

Hopefully the below questions and tips will give you both an idea of what types of questions to ask your photographer(s) in order to get the most out of your initial consultation.

I would always recommend booking your photographer, as early as possible, as they are only able to capture one wedding a day and therefore get booked well over a year in advance. Another top tip, where possible, would be to arrange a face-to-face consultation with your photographer, before booking to make sure they are the right fit for you.

1. Can you show us some examples of your most recent work?

2. How would you describe your style?

3. How do you work with your couples on the day?

Top Tip

It is important to establish how your photographer(s) like to work. Do they like to capture mostly posed shots or more natural, observant ones? You will get a good idea of this from looking at their work.

It is important their style fits your personalities. If you hate being in front of the camera, the last thing you want is to spend half of your day posing for photos!

4. How many photographers will there be on the day?

Things To Consider

Some photographers always work in pairs, where as others charge an additional fee for an additional photographer to shoot your big day.

It is important you find this out before you get to contracting stage.

5. Have you worked at our chosen venue before?

Insider Knowledge

This is a really important question to ask, as your photographer only gets on shot at photographing your big day. You therefore don’t want to leave anything to chance.

If your photographer hasn’t been to your venue before, make sure you have it written into your contact that they are to visit it prior to your big day. It is really important they understand the layout of your venues as well as the grounds, so they are able to capture the best images of you, your family and friends.

It is always good to invite them along to one of your venue meetings, so they can meet the venue co-ordinator and get an understanding for the venue and what photos you want them to capture.

6. Do you offer an engagement shoot?

Top Tip

A lot of couples find the thought of someone following them around all day, with a camera pretty nerve racking.

An engagement shoot is therefore perfect way for you to get to know your photographer(s) ahead of your big day.

It is also a great way for you to find out their style and most importantly, what you like and don’t like. Use this as an opportunity to discuss the styles of photos you hope to achieve.

7. How many photos will we receive and in what format?

8. Is an album included in our quotation or is this at an additional cost?

9. How long will you be there on the day?

10. Can we provide a list of the key photos we would like you to take?

Image by Md Iftekhar Uddin Emon

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